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Uniform ("Class A")

The "Class A" uniform is the full official Scout uniform. It is worn at all Troop meetings unless there is an express notification to the contrary. The "Class A" uniform consists of short-sleeved shirt (with all insignia properly placed). trousers, neckerchief and slide, Troop hat, socks, appropriate footwear (leather or canvas) and merit badge sash (if merit badges have been earned). Below you can find some aids for getting your uniform into shape.


Uniform ("Class B")

The "Class B" uniform is often used for outdoor events, and on rare, pre-announced Troop meetings. This consists of the Troop 6 T-Shirt and hat, with appropriate pants and footwear.


Merit Badge Sash

The Merit Badge sash is used once a Scout has earned merit badges. It is worn on a "Class A" uniform for  diagonally over the right shoulder to the left hip. Merit Badges are sewn on in rows of three, straight across the sash, starting approximately 4" below the top of the sash. Award patches, such as the Tot'n Chit and 50 Miler Award may be worn on the back of the sash, oriented straight across the sash. Temporary patches, such as camp, trail, and activity patches may also be worn on the back of the sash. One temporary patch can be worn on the right pocket of the uniform shirt.

Official Boy Scout Uniform Guide